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Do Dutchess County Snakes Eat Birds?

Snakes are known to be carnivorous in nature, so instead of living on vegetations, these reptiles prefer to eat other animals. You will never find any vegetarian snake species throughout the world; all of them eat meat. However, the amount of food they eat in a day completely depends on their body size. Experts reveal that larger snakes usually feed on larger animals whereas the smaller ones look for small preys such as bugs and insects. While searching for their food if they come across bird nests, they will eat their eggs without any doubt. If we talk about the larger snakes such as boa or anaconda etc. they prefer to look for larger animals to satisfy their huge diet. Their common targets include pigs. You might have heard about King Cobra; a terrible snake that can even eat up other snake species. That is why it is named as king.

If we try to differentiate between Dutchess County snakes depending upon their technique to target a prey; they can be divided into two major categories. One of the most dangerous groups of snakes kills their prey by injecting venom into prey’s body. These snakes are skilled hunters, and their venom is capable enough to destroy the cells of prey’s body instantly. This process not only helps snakes to kill the prey but at the same time, it also makes their food easy to digest. The other group of snakes tries to kill its preys with the constriction action. They capture the prey and squeeze it so hard that the animal loses its life within very less time.

The most interesting fact to know about New York snakes is that these reptiles can swallow the entire prey at once and are able to digest it. They are blessed with the ability to unhinge their jaws so that large prey can easily pass into their body. The time when the prey gets inside snake’s mouth; within very less time it feels suffocated inside and will die. After this snake will swallow the prey inside and will spend several days, even weeks or months to digest it slowly. When the digestion process is complete, the snake will simply vomit out all the unwanted parts of that prey such as feathers and bones, etc.

Note that Dutchess County snakes that live on bird eggs fall into the category of smaller snake species. These snakes usually need lesser food as compared to the larger snakes, but the true fact is that snake species require lesser food as compared to the mammals. As snakes are cold-blooded animals, so they need very less energy to stay active. When compared to other warm-blooded mammals, snakes require only 10% energy to stay active. Snakes are capable enough to adapt their body temperature as per the surrounding temperature variations that is why they spend most of the time under buried tunnels during the winter season. In the winter season, they prefer to hide from cold weather, and they also require lesser food in this duration.

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