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Do Dutchess County Snakes Come Out In The Rain?

Humans have a very complex relationship with the storms. When it starts raining and lighting outside after many sunny days, we love the smell of soil and the freshness of greenery around. The raindrops nourish our gardens and lawns while replenishing out water reservoirs. But at the same time, heavy rains create a fear of flood, damaging winds, and dangerous lightning strikes. One of the biggest trouble for rainy season is spotting a New York snake in your premises.

When it starts raining, many people in urban and suburban areas feel worried about water entering their home. This situation becomes more terrible for reptilian residents as this water can bring scary Dutchess County snakes to their homes as well. Many cases have been reported till now when residents have seen big snakes curled up in waterlogged to their house during heavy rain. In the monsoon season, the animal welfare societies receive most calls from homeowners about the presence of a big reptile in their living space.

There is one more reason why Dutchess County snakes are commonly seen in residential areas or buildings during the rainy season. Due to heavy rainfall, their holes get filled with water, and they move out in search of a safe place to live. Although it is believed that the venomous snakes such as viper and cobra may enter human habitat during the rainy season, most of the rescue operations till now are carried for non-venomous snakes.

Note that New York snakes are ectothermic reptiles and they are not able to regulate their body temperature via internal mechanisms of their biological system. Their body temperature gets immediately affected by changes in environmental temperature. That is why most of the snakes prefer to live safely in the underground dens so that their body can stay protected from too cold and too hot conditions. They mostly occupy dens of other animals and rodents such as mice, chipmunks, etc. When the rainy season brings heavy water to the ground, their dens often get filled with water, and their search for other safe and dry space begins. During this search, they may often look towards man-made dwellings where they can have barns, sheds, and attics, etc. Snakes can also create their shelters under various large piles at the time of the damaging storm.

The best idea to protect your home is to check all foundation holes and cracks on time. Seal all the unwanted openings so that they cannot work like entry points for snakes. The time when a storm is gone, it is important to clear away all the debris as soon as possible so that snakes do not find shelter on your property. In case if you find a snake in your premises, it is not good to panic immediately. Rather one needs to be patient and call professionals snake removal company to execute the removal process safely. State laws do not allow homeowners to harm, trap or kill snakes, so it is good to stay away from them simply.

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