What Attracts Dutchess County Raccoons?

Like most other animals, Dutchess County raccoons are also attracted to shelter and food. There are few common food items that are more loved by New York raccoons, and they get attracted towards them; the list includes bird seeds in the feeders, pet food, and leftovers in the garbage cans. Raccoons are also attracted toward chicken coops, goldfish ponds, and birds that live in cages. If we talk about shelters, raccoons often prefer to search for safe places to live, and attics at human habitat fulfill their most requirements for safe living.

Raccoons are quite curious and notorious creatures. They had a higher level of intellect and considered as most dreaded visitors for the human house. Most homeowners call them nonsense animals because they keep on destroying everything that comes in front of them. They can chew all electric wires in the attic, can leave droppings and urine marks behind, rubbish the trash cans and knock over the feeders. The most terrible thing to know about raccoons is that they carry various diseases viruses that can be further transferred to pets or humans in the house.

Experts say that New York raccoons are not random visitors rather they take very calculated moves. There are so many factors that they analyze for deciding their next move. One of the biggest reasons behind their frequent visits to your property is the availability of food and easy access to it. Note that raccoons are omnivore animals hence they are not fixed to a specific type of diet; they can be anything that is easily available. It makes them happy when they are able to get food without making much effort. If your garden often stays loaded with fallen fruits, meat-laden trashcans, and bird feeders; raccoons will definitely love to visit this place again and again.

Shelters are another preferred target of Dutchess County raccoons. If your home has lesser distractions and can provide them cozy, warm and silent space to live, they will definitely find it more attractive. Woodland environments are the most loved shelters for them, but professionals say that these creatures are quite adaptable. If they do not find what they love, they start loving what they have. It means you should not take a chance to let them enter your premises. They stay more active to take up abundant habitats of other rodents and will soon mark their territory around it. In the winter season, they prefer to live in groups as it is their mating season and soon your house will be full of several raccoon babies.

Raccoons need more water to drink as they are always thirsty so when your property can provide them easy access to lots of water, they will find it more adequate for their shelter. Prefer to keep all tanks closed in your premises and avoided access to any water collecting surface. Last but not the least factor that attracts raccoons is the darkness. These creatures can see perfectly in the dark, but they don’t like many bright lights. So they often prefer to create shelters in the dark attics.

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