How To Remove Dutchess County Pigeon Feces From Concrete

Some of the most commonly found birds in the residential properties are Dutchess County pigeons. These nonsense creatures keep on gathering in the areas where lots of people live so that they can feed on the leftovers behind. Many homeowners in the United States are in trouble due to pigeons as they create lots of mess behind.

People say that they do not have any problem to feed New York birds, but they are not able to tolerate the feces, urine marks and other mess they create in the area. Also, these birds are common carriers of disease viruses so their frequent visits to your house can cause several health issues as well. Pigeons usually gather in large numbers whenever they find some food and this huge gathering can further lead to lots of droppings behind. It is not just about the droppings, but the annoying fact is that these feces leave permanent stains on the concrete. Once they start building up on floor and walls, you may find it quite difficult to clean them completely. However, there are few proven and trusted methods to get rid of pigeon feces that are recently invented by experts.

There are so many methods that are being used at different corners of the world to get rid of Dutchess County bird feces. In order to get started with the removal process, first of all, you need to collect few things such as hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, dustpan, broom, sawdust, scrub brush and liquid dish soap. Start by hosing off the affected concrete surface so that you can wash away as many droppings as possible. Once the whole area is rinsed off, it is time to pour the liquid dish detergent on the affected portion of concrete. Use a scrub brush to scrub the area where the poop has left its marks.

Many homeowners simply wash away the detergent after scrubbing the surface, but it will not help you to avail desired results. The best idea is to use sawdust and pour it directly on this detergent. It is capable enough to observe the stains from the concrete to make it clean after treatment. The dust must be kept as it is on the surface for at least 20 minutes and after this, you can broom and sweep the area.

Although this method can provide you desired results, there are few additional things that homeowners can do to make their premises look better. Simply mix the small amount of ammonia into hydrogen peroxide. Pour this mixture on the affected or stained concrete surface and then let it stay here for few minutes so that chemical process can begin. You can also take a brush to scrub the surface again and then let the mixture stay on the surface for at least 30 minutes. After this, it must be rinsed off. Experts say that this technique can provide you best results with almost 99% stain removal and it can be executed by any homeowner with ease.

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